Want to increase your vertical jump? Check these exercises out!

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Want to dunk? There are a lot of skills involved in dunking, but the most important thing is to actually be able to jump high enough and get the basketball in your hand around 6 inches higher than the rim. Here’s a great article on how to increase your vertical jump. Here are my favorite videos for increasing your vertical:

Dunking Drills: A Video For Each Type Of Dunk

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Here are 4 great videos by Howcast on how to execute different types of dunk. It is ordered in terms of difficulty, with the first (one-handed dunk) being the easiest. Note the list is missing some of the more advanced dunks (e.g. reverse 360). Enjoy these dunking drills! 1. One-Handed 2. Two-Handed 3. Alley-Oop 4. Reverse 5....

The Best Videos For Shooting Drills

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Looking for the best basketball shooting drills videos? Here are my top 4: