Best Basketball Passing Drills

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The pass. Overlooked by many, but a quick no-look pass can have a devastating offensive effect. While it doesn’t carry quite the same amount of appreciation as a dunk or skillful dribble, it is a fundamental skill that carries many teams to winning their trophies. Here are the top 2 Basketball Passing drills right now.

Wanna improve your Defense? Check out these guides!

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While good offence will make the biggest headlines, you simply can’t ignore the importance of solid defence, especially if you want a chance of being scouted. Here we’ll be covering a few of the best quick guides on how to dramatically improve your defensive skills. 1) From Hoopkings – Individual Defensive Drills 2) Defensive drills for players AND coaches While these are great places to start, drills presented in video format can be slightly difficult to pick up and easily forgettable. I would recommend a good Basketball drills book at hand, like this...

Want to increase your vertical jump? Check these exercises out!

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Want to dunk? There are a lot of skills involved in dunking, but the most important thing is to actually be able to jump high enough and get the basketball in your hand around 6 inches higher than the rim. Here’s a great article on how to increase your vertical jump. Here are my favorite videos for increasing your vertical:

Dunking Drills: A Video For Each Type Of Dunk

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Here are 4 great videos by Howcast on how to execute different types of dunk. It is ordered in terms of difficulty, with the first (one-handed dunk) being the easiest. Note the list is missing some of the more advanced dunks (e.g. reverse 360). Enjoy these dunking drills! 1. One-Handed 2. Two-Handed 3. Alley-Oop 4. Reverse 5....

The Best Videos For Shooting Drills

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Looking for the best basketball shooting drills videos? Here are my top 4: