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The Spider Dribble

This basketball drill focuses on ball control and movement on the court. While you will probably never perform the spider dribble during a game, the drill is excellent at building your basketball handlinh skills.

To perform the spider dribble, begin by spreading your legs approximately shoulder width apart, bending your knees slightly while keeping the back straight. Start dribbling the basketball with your right hand. The basketballball should never bounce above your knees during this dribble. Bounce the basketball to your left hand and take another dribble. Move your right arm around your right knee and place the basketball between both of your knees. Bounce the ball to your right hand for a single dribble. Move your left arm around your left knee and dribble the ball in between your knees. Bounce the basketballball to your left hand for a dribble. Once you retrieve the bastketball, you have completed one set of the spider dribble basketball drill. To begin the process again, bounce the ball to your right hand in front of your body and repeat the above steps. Perform this drill for at least 60 seconds.

In the begining, feel comfortable watching the ball as you get used to the drill. As you get more experienced, work on just going by touch and not looking at the ball. The more your practise, the more comfortable you will be with handling the basketball.

Check out the video below for a demonstation of the spider dribble.

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Posted by Coach Z - August 31, 2011 at 5:52 pm

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Alley Oop Drill

One of the most fan pleasing plays is the alley oop. In this drill we will cover setting up the alley oop properly as well as how to accurately perform the alley oop on the court.

To perform this drill, you will need at least two players. If you have additional people, up to four of them to setup the drill. One player will be the shoooter who will launch the ball, and the second player will be the one who goes up for the alley oop near the rim. If using additional players, let one be a defensive player and another from your own team.

When practising this drill, the shooter needs to practise taking shots at near the rim of the basket from various positions on the court. The player performing the alley oop needs to practice running toward the rim from various positions on the court and jumping up to either dunk or layup the ball during the alley oop. If utilizing additional people, the defender needs to focus on the player running towards the rim to attempt to prevent the alley oop, while the additional offensive player works on setting up a screen to assist the team mate who goes up for the alley oop.

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Posted by Coach Z - August 29, 2011 at 8:29 pm

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Fast Break Passing

In this post, we will be discussing some fast break basketball drills which highlight passing and obtaining a pass while traveling down the court and completing the fast break utilizing a lay-up, or completing in a two on one situation.

Two-on-None Passing Drill
Teammates begin by pairing up and run down the court passing the basketball to one another. Upon the final pass, the receiving player will proceed to perform a lay-up. The duo then leaves the court and get back in line to perform the drill again. After everyone has performed the drill, the first two people go back up the court performing the same process to complete the drill..

While performing this drill with your partner, you want to ensure that the last pass is always a bounce pass that will setup you or your partner for the layup. It is also important that you do not dribble the ball during this drill. The goal is to build upon your passing ability not your dribbling. Lastly you want to perform this drill running….not walking or jogging.

Two-on-One Passing Drill
This time we are going to add a defender into the mix. The defender will run in front of the two offensive players and will try to defend in a two on one situation. The defensive player should just move down the court and try to defend at the end. The defender may want to jump between the offensive players anywhere down the court to attempt to block or steal the pass. Should the basketball be stolen or a turnover occurs the three players stop and exist the court and get in line to complete the drill. After everyone has performed the drill, the first three people go back up the court performing the same process to finish the drill.

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Posted by Coach Z - August 26, 2011 at 6:18 pm

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Five Minute Circle Dribble

This basketball drill is great for improving your ball-handling ability and dribbling skills.  You will improve your dribbling quickness as well as better learn to keep your cool when you are being  guarded closely by a defender. Lastly, this drill will really help you in improving your endurance and conditioning.

To perform this basketball drill you need a basketball and a circle to dribble in.  For five minutes you dribble in the circle using all dribbling moves that you are aware of, whether it be crossover, behind the back, change of pace, under the legs, etc.  It is important to not leave the circle and to perform this drill as quickly and as accurately as possible.  In the begining start this drill at your own pace to get comfortable with the movements and form.  As you progress with the drills work on your speed and form.

Check out the clip below from Steve Nash coaching on how to perform this drill.

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Posted by Coach Z - August 12, 2011 at 4:21 pm

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High Knees

The high knees basketball drill is another exercise that will really help improve your speed, strength and stamina on the court. This exercise works your arms, legs, and core. If your looking to improve your overall speed and agility while building core and leg strength this is an excellent drill to perform daily.

To perform this basketball drill, stand in one spot. Begin by running in place; however, do not just lift your feet off of the ground. Bring your knees up over your hips. You want to either stand straight or lean a little forward. Ensure you are lifting your knees with your core and not your back. You should really feel this in your abdomen/core area when you are performing this drill. In addition to raising your knees up while performing this drill, ensure that you are also pumping your arms back and forth. Perform the high knees exercise for one minute, then rest for thirty seconds and repeat the drill for aonther minute. You should do five sets of one minute high knees daily. Once you are comfortable with one minute sets, increase your interval to either one and a half to two minutes.

Review the video below for proper instruction on how to perform the high knees basketball drill.

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Posted by Coach Z - August 11, 2011 at 10:42 pm

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Butt Kicks

This basketball drill really helps to build your speed on the court.  While you may think this is more of a drill fro track runners, this really helps build stamina, speed, and agility on the court. 

To perform this drill, stand in a spot, bending your body forward slightly.  Sprint in place, but don’t just lift your feet off the ground.  You want to have your foor come all the way up and practically hit your butt before returning to the ground and lifting your other foot up to your butt.  Repeat this for one minute.  Take a thirty second break and repeat this basketball drill.  Repeat this drill at least five times with as much speed as you can handle. 

With practise you will get faster and build strength in your legs.  You will also notice your stamina will improve with this drill.  As you get comfortable running this drill for one minute sessions, try and extend your time to one and a half or two minutes.

Below is a sample video of how to perform this exercise.

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Posted by Coach Z - August 11, 2011 at 10:32 pm

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Advanced Defensive Slide

This basketball drill will focus on putting pressure on the opposing team’s offense.  In order to be strong defensively, you need to have good focus on the ball, and also be able to get your arms and hands up to not only attempt to block shots, but put pressure on your opponent.

When practising the Advanced Defenside Slide basketball drill, stand defensively at the corner of the court. Begin to slide as fast and as forcefully to the free throw line.  As you reach your destination on the court, pretend that you are defending an opponent who is about to go up for a shot.  At this point you will want to jump with as much strength as you have to pretend to block the shot.  When you reach the ground, rotate and pretend to block your opponent. Perform this basketball drill a total of ten times, alternating your starting point from each side of the court.

As you get more comfortable with this drill, you can add a twist to it to help you rebound the ball better once your opponent has missed the shot due to the pressure you put on them.  Similarly to the last drill, begin at one corner of the court and slide as fast and strong as you can to the middle of the lane.  When you reach your destination, pretend that your opponent that you are guarding is going for shot.  Jump up with as much strength as you can to attempt to block a shot.  When you return to the ground, rotate to block your opponent.  In this situation, pretend the ball is bouncing off the rim, take a couple of steps towards the rim, and jump as high as you can for the rebound.  Be sure to land safely with balance, and rotate in the direction of your basket and pretend to pass the ball to your team mate.  Perform this basketball drill ten times, alternating your starting position from each end of the court.

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Speed Defense Drills

If you take a look at the best defensive basketball players, you will notice they all have one thing in common and that is their speed and quickness to react on the court.   In order to become quicker on the court their are are few things you can work on.  I recommend performing foot speed types of drills which include defensive slides, jumping rope, and practising your sprints. 

To perform defensive slides, begin at the corner of the court on the baseline.  Slide to the middle of the lane, and then slide back to the sideline.  You want to continue performing this drill up court until you reach the opposite baseline.  This drill will really improve your quickness when it comes to switching directions and staying focused. See the video below for an example of defensive slides.

When it comes to jumping rope, you will want to begin with a 60 second warm up.  During the warm up phase, jump rope as a slow pace.  Once your warm up is complete, begin jumping rope with both feet for 60 seconds, then alternate feet for 60 seconds, then jump on one foot for 60 seconds, and finally jump on just the other foot for 60 seconds.  Perform five sets of this basketball drill and watch your foot speed really improve!

Lastly, you will want to focus on building up your sprinting ability.  This will help you catch a quick offensive player running down the court.  The best way to build up your sprints is to go to a track and begin with an easy warm up lap.  Take this initial lap at a jogging pace.  Once your done with the warm up, make your way over to the longer straight away portion of the track and just run sprints back and forth.  Start with a shorter distance and work up to more as time goes on.  I recommend beginning with about twenty five yard sprints.  Perform at least twenty sprints, resting when needed.

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