Alley Oop Drill

One of the most fan pleasing plays is the alley oop. In this drill we will cover setting up the alley oop properly as well as how to accurately perform the alley oop on the court.

To perform this drill, you will need at least two players. If you have additional people, up to four of them to setup the drill. One player will be the shoooter who will launch the ball, and the second player will be the one who goes up for the alley oop near the rim. If using additional players, let one be a defensive player and another from your own team.

When practising this drill, the shooter needs to practise taking shots at near the rim of the basket from various positions on the court. The player performing the alley oop needs to practice running toward the rim from various positions on the court and jumping up to either dunk or layup the ball during the alley oop. If utilizing additional people, the defender needs to focus on the player running towards the rim to attempt to prevent the alley oop, while the additional offensive player works on setting up a screen to assist the team mate who goes up for the alley oop.