Butt Kicks

This basketball drill really helps to build your speed on the court.  While you may think this is more of a drill fro track runners, this really helps build stamina, speed, and agility on the court. 

To perform this drill, stand in a spot, bending your body forward slightly.  Sprint in place, but don’t just lift your feet off the ground.  You want to have your foor come all the way up and practically hit your butt before returning to the ground and lifting your other foot up to your butt.  Repeat this for one minute.  Take a thirty second break and repeat this basketball drill.  Repeat this drill at least five times with as much speed as you can handle. 

With practise you will get faster and build strength in your legs.  You will also notice your stamina will improve with this drill.  As you get comfortable running this drill for one minute sessions, try and extend your time to one and a half or two minutes.

Below is a sample video of how to perform this exercise.