Five Minute Circle Dribble

This basketball drill is great for improving your ball-handling ability and dribbling skills.  You will improve your dribbling quickness as well as better learn to keep your cool when you are being  guarded closely by a defender. Lastly, this drill will really help you in improving your endurance and conditioning.

To perform this basketball drill you need a basketball and a circle to dribble in.  For five minutes you dribble in the circle using all dribbling moves that you are aware of, whether it be crossover, behind the back, change of pace, under the legs, etc.  It is important to not leave the circle and to perform this drill as quickly and as accurately as possible.  In the begining start this drill at your own pace to get comfortable with the movements and form.  As you progress with the drills work on your speed and form.

Check out the clip below from Steve Nash coaching on how to perform this drill.