High Knees

The high knees basketball drill is another exercise that will really help improve your speed, strength and stamina on the court. This exercise works your arms, legs, and core. If your looking to improve your overall speed and agility while building core and leg strength this is an excellent drill to perform daily.

To perform this basketball drill, stand in one spot. Begin by running in place; however, do not just lift your feet off of the ground. Bring your knees up over your hips. You want to either stand straight or lean a little forward. Ensure you are lifting your knees with your core and not your back. You should really feel this in your abdomen/core area when you are performing this drill. In addition to raising your knees up while performing this drill, ensure that you are also pumping your arms back and forth. Perform the high knees exercise for one minute, then rest for thirty seconds and repeat the drill for aonther minute. You should do five sets of one minute high knees daily. Once you are comfortable with one minute sets, increase your interval to either one and a half to two minutes.

Review the video below for proper instruction on how to perform the high knees basketball drill.