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Advanced Defensive Slide

This basketball drill will focus on putting pressure on the opposing team’s offense.  In order to be strong defensively, you need to have good focus on the ball, and also be able to get your arms and hands up to not only attempt to block shots, but put pressure on your opponent.

When practising the Advanced Defenside Slide basketball drill, stand defensively at the corner of the court. Begin to slide as fast and as forcefully to the free throw line.  As you reach your destination on the court, pretend that you are defending an opponent who is about to go up for a shot.  At this point you will want to jump with as much strength as you have to pretend to block the shot.  When you reach the ground, rotate and pretend to block your opponent. Perform this basketball drill a total of ten times, alternating your starting point from each side of the court.

As you get more comfortable with this drill, you can add a twist to it to help you rebound the ball better once your opponent has missed the shot due to the pressure you put on them.  Similarly to the last drill, begin at one corner of the court and slide as fast and strong as you can to the middle of the lane.  When you reach your destination, pretend that your opponent that you are guarding is going for shot.  Jump up with as much strength as you can to attempt to block a shot.  When you return to the ground, rotate to block your opponent.  In this situation, pretend the ball is bouncing off the rim, take a couple of steps towards the rim, and jump as high as you can for the rebound.  Be sure to land safely with balance, and rotate in the direction of your basket and pretend to pass the ball to your team mate.  Perform this basketball drill ten times, alternating your starting position from each end of the court.

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Posted by Coach Z - August 8, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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