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The Bounce Pass

In this basketball drill, stand aproximately six to eight feet away from a partner and throw a bounce pass.  When performing the bounce pass, you should attempt to have the ball hit the ground about two thirds of the way to your partner and bounce back up so that it meets the player at around his/her waist.  When making the pass, ensure that you take a step forward with one leg.

Your goal in this basketball drill is to make ten passes at the distance mentioned above.  Once that has been accomplished, take about four to five steps back and successfully make another ten passes. You should continue tp move backwards until you are no longer able to make a successful pass to your partner.  Remember to focus on your form first and make the passes accurately.  Once you feel you have mastered the form, work on building up speed.

Being able to accurately perform a bounce pass will improve your offensive game.  Their are many situations in which a bounce pass is better utilized over a standard chest pass.  For example, when a defender is in between you and a teammate, a bounce pass would be much hard to defend against versus a standard chest pass.

Take a look at this video for more information on how to execute a bounce pass and when to use it.



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Posted by Coach Z - August 2, 2011 at 9:38 pm

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The Chest Pass

The chest pass is an awesome basketball drill for building on your accuracy and passing ball movement.  In order to perform this drill, you want to begin by standing approximately six to eight feet away from your partner.  To throw a chest pass, step forward with your dominant foot,  extend your arms fully, and make a pass.  Your partner should grab the ball and return the ball back to you using the same chest pass.  Your goal is to perform ten successful chest passes.  Begin by stepping forward with your dominant foot for the first five passes.  With the next five passes, alternate your feet and step out with your less dominant foot.

To get more advanced with this basketball drill, move back about four or five steps and repeat the drill.  Once you have completed ten passes successfully at this range step back further and repeat the steps.  Continue moving back and repeating the steps until you cannot make a successful pass to your partner.

The chest pass is an integral play in any game of basketball.  To strengthen your offensem you must be able to perform this pass with accuracy, speed, and strength.

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Posted by Coach Z - July 14, 2011 at 11:08 pm

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