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Increase your shooting distance

Enhancing the distance with your jump shot is essential to transforming in to a better basketball player. Improving the range of your shot really should be a primary objective for any offensive player.

After you have warmed up and have done some close range shooting drills, make your way back to an area of the court where you are comfortable at taking shots but find it difficult to consecutively score. Shoot ten jump shots from this distance. After you’ve made eight out of ten shots, you’re ready to step back one or two feet beyond where you would normally shoot from. Ensure you utilize the same form on your jump shot you normally use, obtaining additional strength and power from your lower body. Really concentrate on shooting with ideal form. Shoot ten shots from this location. Then, move back another one or two feet and repeat the drill. Keep following the steps in this drill by moving backwards after every ten shots.  Once you are no longer able to maintain your form when taking your shots, you need to stop as you do not want to compromise form. Your objective will be to increase your shot range over a period of time, and you will see this goal met a little bit after each drill.

Check out this video detailing a basic jump shot.

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Posted by Coach Z - October 2, 2010 at 11:18 pm

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